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Terms & Conditions

Before starting to purchase any goods in our online shop please make sure you have carefully read all the terms and conditions specified below. By confirming the order, the Buyer agrees and accepts all the terms of cooperation with our company.

General provisions

These terms and conditions are valid and applicable to any purchase in the online shop These terms and conditions specify and clarify the rights and obligations of the Seller, which is the company “Domovenok Company s.r.o.”, registered at the address: Vinařická 173, Dobrovice 294 41, the Czech Republic, and the Buyer. All contractual relations are concluded in accordance with the Czech legislation. All consumer relations are regulated by the business terms of the Civil Code (no. 40/1964) and the Consumer Protection Act (no. 634/1992). Extracts from these laws can be found under above-mentioned articles of the Civil Code and the Consumer Protection Act. If the contracting party is not a consumer, the relations are governed by the Terms and Conditions of the Commercial Code, no. 513/1991, as amended.

Special provisions

Any orders for the goods that are in stock are processed and delivered usually within 3-7 business days (within the territory of the Czech Republic). During vacations, holidays and non-working days, which the customers will always be informed about on our website in advance, we accept orders. But they will be processed after the end of vacations and in the speed, depending on the number of orders received in the period of non-availability.

Delivery time is approximate and is limited to fact-finding. It may vary depending on the availability of the products in manufacturers' or suppliers' stock. There can be situations when the product is already out of stock when the order for it has been placed already by the Buyer. In this case, we reserve the right to send an incomplete order, if not stated otherwise in the remarks to the order placed. However, if we are able to offer similar goods, we will contact you for a further discussion.

Some of the items offered in our e-shop are delivered from the USA, UK and other remote countries warehouses. Such goods can be ordered in our e-shop only by PRE-ORDER. The delivery of such items can be quite long and may vary from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the country of origin, product availability, chosen ways of transportation, etc. Delivery time is to be defined individually and separately for any product, as well as its delivery cost and final sale price. We recommend you to check the availability of selected goods and if they are out of stock, send us inquiry with a request for providing exact information about certain products by our e-mail: or call us by telephone +420 776 547 195.

There are products which are supplied by manufacturers in different colour combinations, shape and other modifications without prior notice. However, such a product may be displayed at our e-shop in slightly different colour combination or modification. In case the customer will request a specific model with certain colour and modification, we will do our best to fulfill all requirements, but if it is impossible, we reserve the right to supply the same product, which appearance is the most closest to the chosen modification, but is available for delivery. If the Buyer receives a product with some slight difference in colour combination or shape modification, this can not be a ground for refusal of acceptance of the product, the product is not considered to be a defect one and thus can not be returned by the Buyer to the Seller. However, if the Buyer still makes a decision to return the product supplied with a proper quality, the cost of the delivery of such a product back to the Seller's warehouse is to born at the Buyer's expense. Upon receipt of the returned product the money paid earlier by the Buyer for it will be returned to the Buyer by the Seller with deduction of an amount of the cost of the delivery. The money will be transferred back to the Buyer only if the returned product is received with a proper quality and appearance.

The proper quality and appearance of the product means that:

  1. the original package of the product is not damaged and saved,

  2. the product was not used,

  3. the consumer attributes and resalable condition of the returned products are all kept as original, including all marking, stickers and labels,

  4. if the product was supplied as a part of a set or it is a set itself, all the accessories and parts are returned in a full set.


A consumer contract is a contract of sales and purchase or a contract of fulfillment of a job or provision of a service which Parties are the consumers on the one hand and the sellers/suppliers on the other hand.

A supplier or a seller is a person who acts with a purpose of any commercial or other business activity under such a consumer contract. It is a person who supplies the goods or provides services directly or with the help of other business entities.

Customers of our online shop are buyers. Current legislation distinguishes a buyer who is a consumer and a buyer who is not a consumer.

A buyer - Consumer is a person who concludes a consumer contract not with the purpose of a commercial or other business activity. It is a natural or legal person who buys any goods or services for the purposes other than reselling of these products or services.

A buyer who is not a consumer is an entrepreneur who buys any goods or services for the purposes of their own business activity. Relations with such buyers are governed by the terms and conditions of the Commercial Code.

A purchase contract – The Buyer's order placed and confirmed in our e-shop is in fact the contract of sales and purchase between the Seller and the Buyer, because it expresses the Buyer's will and consent to buy certain products chosen by him at certain terms provided by the Seller. From the moment of the placement of the order and its confirmation by the Buyer there appear mutual rights and obligations between the Seller and the Buyer and the agreement is to be considered as valid and binding for the both Parties. The moment of acceptance of the sales terms when the Buyer selects “I have read all the terms of cooperation and agree with the sales terms” in the module of the confirmation of the order in our e-shop is to be considered a moment of concluding a purchase contract. The Buyer is informed about a necessity to accept the terms of cooperation in a duly manner before submitting his final order in our e-shop.

Order placement

Warning: Any order is binding (by Civil Code § 544-545 and Law no. 40/1964) by our terms and conditions. If the order which earlier had been confirmed by the Buyer and the Buyer had chosen the method of payment for the goods by cash by delivery (i.e. at the moment of their receipt from a carrier) and such an order had already been passed by the Seller to the carrier for its delivery to the Buyer's address stated in the order, is cancelled by the Buyer for some reason at some moment in transit, the Buyer is obliged to pay for the delivery of the goods both to his address and back to the Sellers' warehouse, as well as to pay a fine for an order handling in the amount of 300 Czech koruns. By submitting the order in our e-shop, the Buyer agrees with all the terms and conditions of cooperation, as well as with this fine amount.

By concluding a purchase contract the Buyer confirms that he has gotten familiar with all business conditions and claim procedures and agrees with them. All business terms and conditions are clarified adequately and in full size to the Buyer prior to making any final decision about order placement and its confirmation and the Buyer has sufficient means to get acquainted with them. These business terms and conditions are an integral part of the purchase contract. After completing the order form, its confirmation and acceptance by the Buyer, as well as acceptance by the Seller, the order is to be considered binding for the both Parties. Each order contains information about sales prices for the chosen products and delivery cost, thus showing the final amount of the order to be paid by the Buyer. Our company is a VAT payer. So all final prices include VAT.

Upon completing orders successfully, all the contracts of the sales and purchase are archived by the Seller and not available to any third parties. Information about individual technical steps leading to the conclusion of the contract are clear from the very process of ordering the goods from our online shop and the Buyer has an opportunity to check, review and change the order before its final confirmation if necessary. These conditions, as well as claim procedures, are clearly stated on the website of our online shop.

Payment terms

Seller reserves the right to change prices at any moment. Current prices for the goods shown in our e-shop are those which can be seen at the moment of order formation, its confirmation by the Buyer and sending to the Seller. Final sales prices are the prices which are confirmed by the Seller when the Seller approves the order received from the Buyer. If the prices which were valid in the online shop when the order was placed, differ a lot from the final sales prices approved by the Seller, the Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer about changes in price and agree his further steps with the latter.

Specific terms and methods of payment can be seen in the module “Payment and delivery information” on our website.

Delivery of the goods is subject to availability of products and operational capacity and speed of the Seller, but we always try our best to fulfill any order in the possible shortest time, usually within 3-7 working days (if the order is to be delivered within the territory of the Czech Republic); in exceptional cases delivery time may be longer. The delivery is considered to be fulfilled when the parcel with the ordered goods is delivered to the Buyer's address stated in his order by the carrier. The delivery is arranged by the Seller. Standard package contains an invoice and a packing list. In case the Buyer chose an incorrect way of delivery and thus the cost of delivery was also calculated improperly, we reserve the right to change the method of delivery and its final cost, without a prior notice of the Buyer.

In case we can not send the ordered goods in one package (especially if these are items of furniture, car seats and packages of larger dimensions) the delivery will be arranged in the number of packages sufficient for its complete and successful performance and the cost of delivery will be calculated correspondingly, depending on the quantity of total packages. Alternatively, we may offer the Buyer several ways of delivery so that the latter can choose an appropriate way of transporting his order. Thank you for your understanding.

Termination of the contract of sales and purchase

Termination of the contract of sales and purchase concluded with the help of means of distance online communications - In accordance with § 53 par. 4 and 7 of the Civil Code, the Buyer may terminate the contract concluded by means of distance communications without giving any significant reason within 14 days of receipt of the goods. In this case, the Buyer agrees to pay actual cost of delivery of returning the goods to the operator (the Seller) ( , Domovenok Company s.r.o.). If you decide to terminate your contract, please follow below rules and order:

  1. Send a letter to the address: Vinařická 173, Dobrovice, 294 41, the Czech Republic or email to: with the application, containing the below text:

    "I would like to terminate the contract No. dated DD.MM.RRRR (contract number = invoice number) and demand a refund of the amount paid for the goods in the way of.... (if you require a refund to an account, please provide the account number and the bank details)." Date and signature.

  2. Deliver the goods you want to return to the Seller's warehouse located at the address: Vinařická 173, Dobrovice, 29441, Czech Republic.

  3. Be sure to deliver the goods in a proper way and in its original package, not damaged and with a complete set of all parts and accessories supplied earlier with the product by the Seller.

  4. Do not deliver the goods with payment by cash on delivery. Such parcels can not be received and they will be delivered back to you again.

  5. We also recommend you to insure the goods in transit.

  6. If all the above mentioned terms are fulfilled in a due way and in full size, the money will be returned to you in the way stated in your application form or will be transferred to your account within 30 working days from the date of the termination of the contract.

Termination of the contract is possible only within 14 days upon receipt of supplied goods by the Buyer. If any of the above mentioned terms of return of the goods (for example, you just return the goods but without making a written and signed application as described earlier) are not fulfilled in a proper manner and order, we will not be able to accept termination of the contract and return of consumer goods, thus, they will be delivered back to you again at your own expense.

Cancellation of the order

Cancellation of the order by the Buyer - the Buyer has the right to cancel his order at any time before the goods are passed for delivery to the carrier without any penalty.

Order cancellation by the Seller - the Seller reserves the right to cancel the order or its part in following cases: the chosen goods are not already produced by their producer or supplier or final sales prices for the chosen goods changed significantly. In case this happens, the Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer about these changes and agree with the Buyer on further steps. In the event that the Buyer has paid a part or the whole amount of the goods ordered in the e-shop, this amount shall be transferred back to his account in the possible shortest time.

Control of shipment

We recommend the Buyers to check the content of the parcel with the goods supplied upon receipt of the package from the carrier. If the content is not complete, or the parcel contains damaged goods, or the supplied goods do not correspond to the goods ordered and stated in the invoice, the Buyer shall immediately file a claim to the carrier. If it is not possible to check a parcel content immediately upon receipt of the consignment from the carrier by any objective reasons, the Buyer is advised to do so as soon as possible and to inform the Seller within 24 hours after a defect or a discrepancy is found. We also ask the Buyer to check the condition of the package and the parcel box or packet upon its receipt from the carrier and check whether there are any signs that the goods inside the parcel can be damaged (for example the packet or the box of the parcel is somehow damaged itself).


The warranty period for consumer goods is 24 months as set by the Czech legislation. The warranty period starts from the sale date. The warranty period is extended by the period during which the goods were in warranty repair. In case of exchange of the goods to the new ones the warranty for such new products will be 24 months again.


The Buyer is obliged to check whether the parcel with the goods supplied under his order from our e-shop and delivered to him by the carrier has any signs of a damage caused in transit, before confirmation of receipt of the goods from the carrier. If there are any signs of a damage, the Buyer is obliged to check whether the goods inside the delivered parcel are in a proper condition and are not damaged. In the event of a damage of the goods during transportation, the Buyer shall promptly notify both the carrier and the Seller no later than two working days from receipt of such goods from the carrier (as well as to make a protocol of acceptance the goods in a damaged condition).

For the successful settlement of a claim the following terms should be fulfilled:

If it is necessary to claim for the goods of improper quality, please send detailed information to the Seller, preferably by e-mail to: or by a letter sent to the address of the retail shop, containing the following data:

  1. reason for complaint,

  2. date of purchase,

  3. invoice number,

  4. account number in case of a refund or any other way you want to make us payment back,

  5. a copy of the purchase receipt or other credible proof of purchase of the goods in question.

The warranty covers only manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover damages caused by mechanical impact, normal wear and tear, misuse of the product, improper handling and storage.

The goods which have a defect and are to be returned to the Seller should not be delivered to the Seller by terms of payment by cash on delivery. Such shipments will be rejected and returned back to your address! We recommend you to insure the goods in transit when returning them back to us.

Complaints shall be sent to Domovenok Company s.r.o. to the address: Vinařická 173, Dobrovice, 29441, Czech Republic.

Protection of personal data

Personal data (including name and address) of the Buyers is kept in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, namely: the Law on Personal Data Protection no. 101/2000. All data received from the Buyers is solely used for internal purposes (for the successful completion of the contract) and is not given to any third parties. Exceptions are the carriers to which we are to pass a minimal amount of consumers' personal data as it is necessary for the smooth delivery of the goods.

Personal data of the Buyers are fully protected against abuse. Data are stored and not shared with any third parties. The Buyer agrees to provide the Seller with his personal data for processing his orders, as well as for storing his personal data in our database after the successful completion of the contract. The Buyer can apply with a written request to the Seller to delete his personal data from the Seller's database and the Seller is to delete it completely. Consumers have the right to access their own personal data, as well as the right to correct them in case of necessity.

Operator of the online shop is Domovenok Company s.r.o.

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