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About Us

Welcome to our e-shop “Domovenok”

With appearance of online shops it has become much easier to buy things for your kids - and you do not even need to leave your house for this! Tiring shopping tours around the city, a puling child in the supermarket, fuss and nervousness... Forget! Now you need just a couple of clicks of your PC mouse and caring parents will get all what they want - diapers, nappies, baby food, clothes and whatsoever.

Our e-shop is a right assistant for moms and dads. On our virtual shelves you’ll find a wide range of products for newborns and children till 12 years of age as well as goods for future mothers and adults: baby food, cosmetic and hygienic products, skin caring products, clothes, underwear, textile, hosiery fabrics (socks and tights), toys and many other things...

We expand our assortment regularly and we do our best to offer you latest products from leading European manufacturers. Parents who just await for babies can purchase all necessary goods for newborns.

We work only with famous and reliable producers of goods for children, which quality is proved by years. Among them:

Mayoral - a famous Spanish producer of fashionable and comfortable clothes in casual style for kids from the very birth till 16 years of age. Mayoral uses only high quality natural fabric pleasant for body. Clothes design is beloved not only by children but also by adults. Garment is made with bright pictures, decorated with embroidery elements and lace if meant for girls, checkered and strips design. Garment is fit for small princesses and growing gentlemen. Thanks to a wide assortment each person can choose something for his taste.

Disana - a popular German company which produces clothes for children and items for natural swaddling only from natural bio-organic materials. All Disana clothes articles are characterized with: natural raw materials used for production (silk, cotton and wool), grown in pristine areas of Germany; high quality of products nearly like handwork, which is achieved due to location in one spot in Germany; finishing of fabrics is also made of natural materials; wool is substituted with microfiber in separate cases (because of individual intolerance of wool); strict observance of existing ecologic standards in the process of production of goods starting from purchasing of raw materials to clothes manufacturing.

Buebchen - German cosmetics made initially for babies and elder kids as well as for all members of family. The producer uses only natural raw materials for making all cosmetic products which are grown in pristine areas of Germany and Switzerland. Fields, where camomile and calendula are raised, are equipped with sensors making signals in case of usage of chemical fertilizers. Buebchen uses only natural oils of high quality and clearing. Buebchen does not use preservatives and dyes. All Buebchen cosmetic products have passed complete certification in Germany.

Philips Avent - high quality English origin accessories for kids feeding including infants. Since 1984 year Philips Avent has been developing and producing goods, based on people’s demand and improving them due to a widest research and clinic testing activity. All products under Avent trading mark correspond to the highest international standards of quality. In usage while following the rules of operation a durability of products can be significantly higher than is officially stated .

Medela - a truly Swiss quality since 1961 - is famous with production of breast pumps, accessories for breast feeding and hygienic products for nursing mothers. Medela breast pumps are made in accordance with requirements of the very mothers and specific features of usage: hand, electric and household breast pumps allow to pump out breast milk effectively, fast and painlessly. Clinically tested accessories like nipple formers, sterilized containers for milk storage, protective insets for breast - make a tiring process of expressing milk even more comfortable. All Medela accessories and devices are totally safe and are made for intimate unity of mother and child when natural breast feeding is impossible.

Steven - a Poland leading manufacturer of hosiery fabrics which exists on clothes market since 1995. During years of existence their products gained excellent reputation not only in Poland but also in other European countries. The company earned an image of successful and stable producer giving their customers high quality, attractive and competitive products. Steven uses the newest technologies and best quality raw materials for achieving best quality of final products. Rich, colourful and bright design, as well as fashionable style allow to satisfy tastes of the most demandable customers who value for comfort and high quality. Steven collections present elegant classic, casual, sports and medical socks, leggings, knee socks, tights and knee high boots.

Our e-shop is made to save your time and money!

You do not need to plan your day time in advance for making necessary shopping. You can get acquainted with our assortment of goods for children at any time suitable for you and due to good photos you can easily check all interesting things in details.

If you want you can even ask your precious child to take part in choosing this or that thing - and he will be also excited by process of choosing his future clothes or toys or anything you need.

Our e-shop works day and night and even at that time when your child is busy with playing his favorite toys or watching TV or sleeping. Now only you should decide when exactly to visit our e-shop - it is always at your hand!

”Domovenok” e-shop offers you:

  • Competitive attractive prices for goods for children;

  • A wide range of products to choose;

  • Approved quality: all products offered in our e-shop are purchased directly from producers which are leaders in their sphere;

  • Fast fulfillment of orders;

  • High level of service: we will do our best to fulfill your order in such a way so that you stay satisfied with the product you purchase from us and our service level;

  • Comfortable shopping and time and money economy.

If you need high quality products for children at proper and competitive prices, then you are at the right place, “Domovenok” e-shop is always close to you!

Welcome to visit also our real shop at Vinařická 173, Dobrovice!