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Payment and delivery Information

Delivery method:

Delivery within the territory of the Czech Republic by express postal service PPL:

- by ordering the goods for the amount over 3,000 CZK - free shipping,
- by ordering the goods for the amount less than 3,000 CZK - the cost of delivery on the territory of the Czech Republic is 120 CZK, delivery to other EU countries - the cost of delivery is calculated individually.
Upon delivery of the goods by postal service PPL it is necessary to indicate your current valid phone number. If failure to provide a valid phone number of the customer, delivery is not possible.


Delivery of the goods to the other EU countries is to be calculated individually. The goods supplied within EU area are free of tax payments.

Payment Methods:

Bank Transfer - free of charge.
placing order at our internet-shop you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the order, which will indicate all billing information (account number, variable symbol and the payment amount). After receiving money to our account, the goods will be sent to the address you specify. If the total value of the order is not paid within seven days after receipt of the order confirmation by e-mail, the order will be canceled.

Payment Terms: 100% prepayment. The account number for payment by bank transfer - № 115-111640297 / 0100 (Commercial Bank).


Payment through PayPal - plus 4% to the amount of the goods.

And also:

We arrange delivery of all our products throughout the world, including the countries of the Customs Union EAEC (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others.).

At present on the territory of the above mentioned Сustoms union upon import of the goods to Russia, Belarus and other countries of the CU EAEC they set single rules and rates of customs duties, despite the type of a company carrying out the processing of post delivery. If the cost of imported goods is less than 1 000 euros and their weight is not more than 31 kg, such a parcel is exempted from the payment of customs duties (that is PHYSICAL PERSONS RECEIVING SUCH PARCELS WITH SUCH PARAMETERS FROM ABROAD BY ANY KIND OF POST DO NOT NEED TO PAY ANY CUSTOMS FEES AND DUTIES). The duty-free limit of 1 000 euros amount is applicable only to the parcels (orders) which are intended for personal usage and are not imported for commercial purposes.

ATTENTION! You can receive goods from abroad without payment customs fees and duties only if total order amount within one month to one consignee does not exceed 1 000 euros. In case of exceeding total 1 000 euros cost for all orders of 1 customer within 1 month, they will apply customs duties and duties in full size. If the goods cost more than 1 000 euros or their total weight is more than 31 kg, the customs will apply a customs fee in the size of 30% of the total cost of the goods, but not less than 4 Euros per 1 kg of their weight for the part of weight or cost exceeding above-mentioned parameters of cost and weight.

How to place an order in our e-shop?

Follow please these steps:

1. Select the goods you need.

2. Place the chosen goods into a shopping cart.

3. Specify your shipping address.

Delivery is to be carried out by the international post delivery service. Delivery time is from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the recipient's postal address. Calculation of the cost and time of delivery is made after receipt of the order and agreed with the buyer individually. These conditions are valid for the goods that are available at stock. If you order the goods, which are not in stock, delivery terms will be discussed individually.

4. Payment for the orders is to be made in 100% advance payment after confirmation of the order and delivery terms. Shipping cost is included into the invoice and is to be paid fully in advance, together with payment of the goods. Method of payment: bank transfer to the account specified in the details of the company, which is to be sent to the buyer after the confirmation of all conditions of the order.

5. After receiving 100% of payment the delivery of the goods to the specified address of the buyer will be made.

6. After sending the parcel at the buyer's address you can track delivery status through the track parcel number provided by the postal delivery service.

7. Receipt of the parcel by the buyer: in case of receipt of expensive goods we recommend that you should open the package at the post office to check the safety of the content and correspondence to the ordered goods.

Return Policy

If you simply change your mind to keep the products you ordered:

Any product is accepted for return within 14 days after you receive the goods.

Packaging of the goods received should not be damaged, the goods should not be in use, consumer properties of the received goods should be saved, including tags and labels. If the item is a set and consists of different parts, it must be returned in complete set. The costs of return of the goods by post shall be at the buyer's expenses.

Return of the goods with defects:

We ask you to check the order upon delivery always without delays. Make sure that you get exactly what you ordered in a specified quantity and with adequate quality.

If you mistakenly received the goods of improper quality (which are defective, have visible defects, and / or unable to meet their functional properties), or not exactly what you ordered, you may return or exchange the goods. We offer buyers 14 days for checking the quality of received goods. If any defect is found after 14 days upon receipt of the goods, we reserve a right to ask you to provide us an expert conclusion that such a defect arose before the time of transfer of the goods to the buyer or due to reasons which appeared before the time of transfer of the goods to the buyer.

Returned goods from the buyer will be considered within 10 days from receipt of the goods by the company and if the goods meet the requirements for consumer properties (if goods are returned due to the fact that the buyer changed his mind to buy it) and / or in case of compliance with the claimed defect we will return money to the buyer in the way acceptable for both parties.

In case of refusal by the buyer to accept the goods of proper quality, the cost of delivery of the goods back to the seller are to be born by the buyer.